Rules to Live By

We all need some sort of guidance; whether we live strictly based on inner-guidance, adopt practises from friends or family, or read a bunch of self help books to figure out how to live well.  I am the type of person that needs to reaffirm these guidelines and update them often, otherwise I don’t readily follow them.  So far, here are the practises I would like to take part in each day to be a stronger, better, healthier person.


1.  In the first mirror you come across each day, say the following to yourself:

  • Three positive things about yourself.  Example: I am strong, I am deserving of love, I am beautiful.
  • Three intentions for the day.  Example: Today I will make time to exercise, I will do well on my placement test, I will get all of my laundry done and folded and I will not forget it in the dryer.
  • Three general statements to affirm your direction in life, your values, or your long term goals.  Example: I will get passed my addictions, my success is based on happiness, I am fortunate to have the love and support of my family.

2.  Make sure you have a couple glasses of tea each day.

3.  If a problem can be solved, you should actively do that. If it can’t be solved don’t over think it or worry about it. Think it over once and then sit on it. Sometimes letting things sit quietly in the background helps you to come back to them with greater clarity or a new perspective. Thinking about things that can’t be fixed just takes time away from other important things in your life.

4.  Try to be patient and in the times you lose control of it, apologize profusely.  (This will be a life long endeavour for me, I’m sure.)

5.  Make a positive judgement about everyone you meet. If you can get to a point where this is a habit and you aren’t immediately criticizing others, you will be adding a little bit of extra positivity to the world and you will likely become less judgemental of yourself.

6.  Squeeze exercise into your schedule; there is nothing better than feeling strong and capable.

7.  Forgive yourself for your flaws and mistakes, you can’t change them so it is best to learn from them and turn them into advantages.

8.  Forgive others for their flaws and mistakes too but never let someone use your good nature as an excuse to walk all over you. You can be a good person but you can’t make someone else be a good person, they might get there one day but it isn’t your job to wait for that moment; especially if your relationship with them is negatively impacting other aspects of your life.

9.  Take time to practise breathing deeply from your diaphragm. It helps to reduce stress, it is good for digestion, and it helps you connect with your body.  (If you have trouble sleeping doing this before bed can be really helpful.)

10.  Take a moment each day to reflect on your life, your choices, whatever. Be thankful for the good things in your life but try not to dwell on the bad things. This will keep you focused on what matters in your life.

11.  Every time you get hungry drink some water first and wait ten or fifteen minutes, if you are still hungry go and eat.

12.  Make a sincere compliment to at least one person each day.  Especially to that rude woman at work, she might one day come around and, if not, at least it wasn’t because of you.

Well, that is all I have for now.  What about you, do you have any mantras or guidelines that get you through life with your sanity intact?


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